Student Council

Hillsgrove is our school and we enjoy learning here! We treasure our school and our time here. Everyone is very kind and thoughtful; children and staff. We are very grateful to be part of such a friendly community.

We were voted into the position of School Council members by a democratic process of voting where all children had a vote. There are two school council members per class.

Our School Council is very important to us because we try to make our school better for everyone. We try to involve everyone in our activities too. When we think of ideas we ask our classmates about their opinions to see what they think. During our school council sessions we discuss safety around and on the way to and from school, as this is very important to us. We are also interested in fundraising for charities and have recently raised money for the British Heart Foundation.

Hillsgrove School Council


House System

Upon entry, each child is assigned to a different House.









We are a community at Hillsgrove! We take responsibility for ourselves and for one another. Our actions effect both ourselves and those around us, giving us the power to make the world a better place. When we actively make our school community better we are rewarded with House points and our whole house benefits.


Year 6 Ambassadors

Our Year 5 pupils will be selected for the role of Ambassador based on:

  • At least 95% attendance (notincluding children that have had a long term illness/other valid reason)
  • Role model for behaviour
  • Go above and beyond to support others, e.g helpful in class, reading buddy, playground buddy etc.

 The Ambassadors have a vital role in being positive and outstanding role models for the school. Their key roles are to be the public face of the school, role models for their peers, to speak at school events and to lead on pupil's voice.