Our Learning

Knowledge is Power

At Hillsgrove, we believe all pupils, whatever their background, have a right to access the best. This includes a variety of writers, from all parts of the world, and thinkers of all the ages. The curriculum ensures that pupils are knowledgeable enough about the world around them to transform it in the future.

The education provided at Hillsgrove is broadly traditional and academically rigorous.  We expect our pupils to be polite and respectful and encourage competition, allowing our pupils to win and lose.  We believe that knowledge about the world is central to our pupils’ success and only when they have acquired this knowledge will they be ready to lead and participate as full citizens.

Pupils are taught the background and context of what they are learning so that they can understand and make connections easily.  This is supported in History, Geography and Science via Knowledge Organisers which enable children to pre-learn the core knowledge and develop their subject-specific vocabulary so that they can use and apply this knowledge in the term ahead.

We believe that pupils should know how well they are doing, both in relation to themselves and to others.  Pupils sit half-termly tests in Reading and Maths. They also have unit tests in History, Geography and Science, in order to assess knowledge and understanding of the key questions around a topic. Assessment at Hillsgrove is open, meaningful and unique. Pupils work hard and are kind to each other. Guests visit the school and are very impressed by the maturity, kindness and motivation displayed by our pupils. 


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Key Stage 1 & 2 Results

The DfE School Performance Table provides detailed information about our school, pupils and staff.  The figures were published in December 2019 and relate to pupils who completed Key Stage 2 in the summer of 2019.

September 2014, a new National Curriculum was introduced for all maintained schools in England.