Our Staff

Leadership Team

Ms K Laurie

Ms M Fernandes

Miss Walters

Ms Hilton

Mrs B Eagles

Miss H Collins

Miss Rice

Principal (RSL)

Assistant Principal (Year 1 - 3 Lead & Behaviour and Core Curriuclum Lead)

Assistant Principal (KS2 Lead and Computig Lead)


EYFS Leader

Maths Leader

Raising Standards in Year 6 Lead and Science Lead

Teaching Staff





Year 1


Year 2

Year 2

Year 3

Year 3

Year 4

Year 4/5

Year 5

Year 6

Year 6

Ms McKean

Mrs Creedon (Teaching Assistant)   Ms Whiting (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Fleetwood and Mrs Harrison (Wales Class)

Mrs Eagles and Mrs Chambers (England Class)

Mrs Yousaf (Scotland Class)

Miss Waller (Ireland Class)

Mrs Fernandes & Mr Clements (Spain Class)

Ms Noonan (France Class) 

Mrs Ali (Poland Class) 

Miss Collins (Germany Class)

Miss Walters (India Class)

Mrs Gill (Australia Class)

Ms McDonald (Argentina Class)

Miss Hopkins (China Class)

Miss Rice (Kenya Class)

Office Staff

Mrs Barron

Ms Powell 

Mrs Brown

Senior Admin Officer

Attendance Officer 

Admin Officer

Teaching Assistant and Support Staff

Mrs Carroll

Mrs Creedon

Mrs Bradbury (SaLT)

Mrs Maganti

Mrs Palaez

Mrs Whiting

Mrs Fletcher

Extend Learning Suite (ELS)

Miss Dolan

Mrs Fernley

Mrs Galley

Mrs Haley

Miss Dunphy

Ms Loader

Ms Quadri

HTLA's & Family Support Worker

Mrs Grainger

Mrs Simms

Mrs Beadle       Family Support Worker

Midday Supervisors (MDS)

Miss Davies

Mrs Stevens

Mr Shavin Gowreesunkar

Mrs Nicola Osborn

Ms Taylor


Mr S Biggs