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Hillsgrove Primary School

Sidmouth Road   
Kent DA16 1DR

Telephone: 020 8303 4949
Head Teacher: Mr Oliver Winstone

Designated Teachers for Child Protection

  • Yvette Ketchell: Assistant Head/Inclusion Lead
  • Oliver Winstone: Head of School
  • Peter Rhodes: Exec Head
  • Tania Mckean: Y1 Leader

If you are concerned about a child, please contact Yvette Ketchell in the first instance or in her absence any other member of the Safeguarding Team.

Senior Management Team

  • Head of School: Oliver Winstone
  • KS1 Leader & Assistant Head: Kathryn Laurie
  • SENCO & DSL: Miss Hobin-Brady
  • EYFS Leader: Tania Mckean
  • LKS2 Leader: Karen Rice
  • UKS2 Leader: Peter Heath
  • Maths Leader: Hayley Collins
  • English Leader: Michelle Fernandes 

Please email admin@hillsgrove.bexley.sch.uk if you would like to contact any of the above members of staff.