Our School

Our ethos is:

Pursuing Excellence ♦ Engaging Minds ♦ Inspiring Futures

Our Vision:

We want pupils at Hillsgrove to be confident in having the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the world beyond school. We want all pupils to share our high aspirations for themselves and to develop a love of learning for life.

The five R’s of life-long learning for our students:

  • Resilience – We know that sometimes learning is hard, but we are resilient.
  • Responsibility – We are responsible for our classroom, our learning and one another.
  • Resourcefulness – We are resourceful and make good choices about ourselves and our work.
  • Reasoning – We reason things through carefully and think as we go.
  • Reflectivity – When we do something we always reflect on what we have learned and what we could do differently next time.

“As a school we care for each other, try to be kind and look after each other. Hillsgrove is very passionate about being resilient and trying again, no matter what. I personally think Hillsgrove will set you up for a good life both in terms of passing exams, but it will also teach you the importance of rules and manners.” Jemima

“Hillsgrove is a fantastic school. It is a very special place. We encourage everybody in and out of School to join our journey and community. Children are able to get involved in different clubs and we raise money for local charities. The Teachers listen to our ideas and always support us to do the best we can.” Archie

“I think Hillsgrove is an amazing school because the teachers support you all the way and we genuinely feel like a big family. I have had some fantastic opportunities such as, being on the school council, eco-council and representing the school in sports competitions. I am really proud to be a pupil at this wonderful school.” Oscar